Without understanding the true costs of care for patient conditions, much less how costs are related to outcomes, health care organizations are flying blind in deciding how to improve processes and redesign care. Clinicians and administrators battle over arbitrary cuts, rather than working together to improve the value of care. ORHub was born in a hospital surgery center when surgeons and administrators realized they lacked the information necessary to cut costs without sacrificing quality of care.

ORHub has solved this problem by creating a value-based solution that tracks the cost of treating a condition from diagnosis to discharge, and then tracking outcomes that resulted from that treatment.  ORHub’s platform enables all parties involved in surgical care to organize, deliver, measure and reimburse in a streamlined process.  This allows for significant decreases in cost and improvement in outcomes by eliminating inefficiencies, duplication of effort, and errors and omissions that result from siloed processes in software and poor handoffs from one part of the care process to another.